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Thank you for having chosen one of our buildings as your home! We hope you enjoyed your time with us. Customer service is what sets us apart and we hope that we lived up to your expectations.

Here are some important reminders about the move-out process:

***If you are currently set up with auto-pay through our tenant portal, you will need to log on and cancel the auto-pay option. If you neglect to do this, your account will automatically be charged a full months rent instead of the pro-rated amount.***

If you are in a month to month contract, you are required to give a 30 day written notice of your intentions to vacate the unit to your manager. You can download an official 30 day notice in the ‘Forms and Info’ section with in the ‘Resident Resources’ Tab.

If you are in a lease and need to break your lease, contact your manager about a move-out date and pay the lease break fee which is 1.5X your rent.

Please remember to include your forwarding address as we need this to be able to send you your deposit and move-out accounting.

The security deposit is not your last month’s rent. It is held until after you move out in case there are any potential damages. Last months rent is due during the last month of occupancy.

We pro-rate everything based on a 30 day calendar month. Divide your rent by 30 and then multiply that number by the number of days. For example, if your rent is $1500/mo and you will be out on the 15th. You would divide 1500/30=50 then 50X15= $750

Change your address at

Leave the entire apartment clean. This also includes appliances, cabinets, floors and removal of nails (please do not patch holes). Please review the checklist below that is used by our professional cleaning staff when they clean a vacancy. You may find it useful as a guideline when you are cleaning your apartment.

You can download a printable version of this list in the ‘Forms and Info’ section of the ‘Resident Resources’ tab on this site.

Replace light bulbs that are out.

Once you have removed all of your belongings and cleaned the apartment, please drop your keys where your manager has instructed you to do so. Make sure they are in an envelope clearly labeled with your name and address.

Moving should be done during daytime or early evening hours and never between 10PM and 9AM. Any damage to the building occurring during the move is your responsibility. All boxes must be broken down for recycling.

It is your responsibility to properly dispose of all unwanted items. Removal of any furniture, garbage or other items left in the apartment or on the grounds at the time you vacate will be charged directly to you. Filling trash receptacles with unwanted items will result in an additional charge.

Any refund and list of charges of the security deposit will be mailed within 30 days of move-out. Please provide us with your forwarding address.

Refund checks will be in the name of all residents on the lease.

As you begin the process of applying to rent elsewhere, please note that all rental references / inquiries about your time with us, must be faxed to our main office. The office Fax number is 503.227.1074

You do not need to schedule a move out inspection with your manager. Your unit will be inspected shortly after your move out is completed.

Please contact your manager if you have any further questions. Thank you again for choosing to live in one of our classic properties!










BATHROOM                            KITCHEN                                 IN ALL ROOMS
Closet             _____              Stove              _____              Closets                       _____
Shelves          _____              Oven               _____              Shelves          _____
Mirror             _____              Burners          _____              Walls             _____
Shower           _____              Refrigerator  _____              Doors             _____
Walls             _____              Vents              _____              Blinds                        _____
Floors             _____              Cupboards     _____              Drapes                       _____
Basin              _____              Shelves          _____              Lights/Fans   _____
Faucets          _____              Doors             _____              Covers                        _____
Showerhead _____              Drawers         _____              Switch Plates            _____
Counters        _____              Faucet                        _____              Outlet Plates            _____
Towel Rack    _____              Counters        _____              Cable Jacks   _____
Fan                 _____              Dishwasher  _____              Phone Jacks  _____
Toilet             _____              Disposal        _____              Light Bulbs    _____
Sink                _____              Smoke Alarms          _____
CO Alarms      _____
FLOORS                                   WINDOWS
Clean              _____              Clean              _____              MISCELLANEOUS:
Vacuum          _____              Screens          _____              _________________
Decks             _____              Blinds                        _____              _________________
Walkways      _____              Doors             _____              _________________
Door Tracks   _____              _________________
Latches/Locks           _____

Smoke / CO Alarms working? _____________
__________________________________________            Completed? _____________
__________________________________________            Completed? _____________
__________________________________________            Completed? _____________
Also, here are some commonly overlooked items:
1. Kitchen Cabinets: Vacuum & wipe inside / wipe down outside)
2. Appliances: All appliances should be completely clean.
3. Don’t forget under appliances and wipe up food splatters, crumbs, dust etc.
4. Clean window glass, sills and inner tracks.
5. Clean ceiling fans, sills, ledges, picture rails, doors, hinges, baseboards.
6. Sweep, vacuum and mop all floors.
7. Bleach scrub toilet, shower, tub, sinks.