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How does the application process work?

Once you have found an apartment that is of interest to you on our Available Rentals page, contact the building manager directly to set up a viewing.
Applications are not considered complete until you have viewed the apartment, completed the application entirely and submitted the $45 non-refundable screening fee to the on-site manager (no cash accepted).
We process applications quickly and apartments rent fast. We process applications on a first come, first serve basis.

My application was approved, now what?

If your application is approved, you can either move in immediately, or we can hold the apartment for a short period of time if you put the reservation deposit down to hold the apartment and sign the ‘agreement to execute rental agreement’ form. Apartments are not held, reserved or secured until a rental agreement or agreement to execute rental agreement has been signed and payment made. Your reservation deposit will go towards your total move-in costs at move-in. Please ask the building manager for more details.

How much will it cost to move in?

At move in, you will pay the first month’s rent in full (we pro-rate the 2nd month), pet deposits (if applicable), and the security deposit. The security deposit is typically equal to one month’s rent (some applicants will be required to pay a larger security deposit, based on screening results). We do not charge any move in fees and we do not ask for the last month’s rent. Last month’s rent is due during the last month of tenancy.

Does CPP accept pets?

Pet policy varies by building. Please inquire with the building manager for more information. There is a Pet Deposit. Most buildings allow cats. Some of our buildings allow dogs, and the ones that do have breed and weight restrictions

I’m not looking to move for a couple months, what will be available then?

Due to the 30 day notice process, we are unlikely to know apartment availability beyond 30 days out. If you are not looking to move soon, please keep an eye on our ‘Available Rentals’ page to get a feel for our buildings and pricing. If there is a particular building of interest, please call or email the building manager directly and request to be put on a waiting list.

Do you have a wait list?

You are always welcome to contact the building managers directly and ask to be put on a waiting list.

Do you accept cash?

No. Cash is not accepted for any payments.

How do I transfer the utilities into my name?

Before you move-in, you will need to contact the utility companies and have the utilities transferred into your name. Please click on the ‘Moving In’ Tab within the ‘Residents Resources’ section of this site. If you’re not sure which utilities to call, please ask your building manager.

Can residents pay rent online?

Yes! We have a wonderful online system that allows you to pay your rent online, submit maintenance requests and much more.

How can I pay my rent online?

Go to the ‘Tenant Portal’ section of this site and click on the ‘Get Started’ icon to begin the process. Next, you will receive an email from us with a link to your online portal where you will be able to set up your online account. Please check your spam folder if you don’t get the email within the next day or two. Once your account is all set up, you will be able to pay your rent online. You will have the choice to make one-time payments, set up auto-reminder emails, or set up automatic monthly payments!

Is there any additional cost to pay online?

No, as long as you select the “E-Check” option it is free. However, if you want to pay with a credit or debit card, there is an additional fee.

Will I be able to submit maintenance requests online as well?

Yes! Once you set up your online account, you will be able to submit maintenance requests, monitor them and much more.

Do you accept partial rent payments?

No. Rent must be paid in full. Partial payments will not be accepted.

When is rent due?

Rent is due on the 1st and will be considered late after the evening of the 5th. Late fee is $100 and is paid with your late rent.

Can I use Drain-O when my drains get clogged?

Please refrain from using any over the counter drain clearing products. These are very harsh on older pipes and can cause numerous problems in the long-run. We would be happy to come snake your drain. Simply turn in a maintenance request to your manager or submit one through your online account. Hair is what usually causes clogged bathroom drains. Make sure you have a hair catcher in your bathroom sink and tub. Food usually causes clogged kitchen drains. Make sure you have a strainer and dispose of food in your compost bin or trash rather than in the sink. Do not pour grease down the drain.

Why is my smoke detector and/or carbon monoxide detector beeping every few minutes?

When your alarm is low on batteries, it will begin to beep every few minutes. Residents are responsible for replacing smoke alarm and/or carbon monoxide alarm batteries and ensuring that they are in good working order. When replacing batteries, be sure to use a 10year lithium battery. Tampering with any alarm will result in a $250 fee per alarm. Do not under any circumstances remove your alarms. They are there for your safety and the safety of those around you.

A light bulb went out in my apartment… what should I do?

Residents are responsible for replacing their own light bulbs. If you are unable to do it yourself, please talk with your building manager and we will do our best to assist.

I am planning on moving out, how much notice do I need to give and how do I do it?

If you are in a month to month contract, you are required to give a 30 day written notice of your intentions to vacate the unit to your manager. If you are in a lease and need to break your lease, contact your manager about a move-out date and pay the lease break fee which is 1.5X your rent. Please remember to include your forwarding address as we need this to be able to send you your deposit and move-out accounting. To get a copy of a 30 day notice, please click on the ‘Forms and Info’ tab within the ‘Resident Resources’ section of this site.

How do I figure out my pro-rated rent at move out?

We pro-rate everything based on a 30 day calendar month. Divide your rent by 30 and then multiply that number by the number of days. For example, if your rent is $1500/mo and you will be out on the 15th. You would divide 1500/30=50 then 50X15= $750

Can I use my security deposit to pay the last-month’s rent?

No. The security deposit is not to be used as the last month’s rent. It is held until after you move out in case there are any potential damages.

When can I expect to receive my security deposit back?

Any refund and list of charges of the security deposit will be mailed within 30 days of move-out. Please provide us with your forwarding address.

To whom is the security deposit refund check written?

Refund checks will be in the name of all residents on the lease.

For a complete list of policies and procedures, please refer to your rental agreement or call your building manager. Thanks!